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Cargo transportation
South Asia, Middle East, America, Europe, Canada, CIS countries, China
About company
"SafeCargoServices" is an international forwarding company that delivers goods all over the world: safely and in the shortest possible time.
Our team of professionals will select the best route and type of transport that suits the cargo being transported. Over 17 years of successful activity, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable partner: an individual approach to each client, a guarantee of cargo safety and clear information support.
Our advantages
Fast delivery of goods
Low prices
17 years on the market
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Automobile transportation
Automobile ones are the most in demand today and are the most efficient in terms of price / quality transportation. The versatility of road transport, the ability to use it to deliver any product directly to the recipient, determine the demand for this service.
Rail transportation
Rail transportation is almost universal and is one of the safest and most inexpensive modes of transport. The main advantages of this type of transport are independence from weather conditions and high load-carrying capacity of wagons, as well as low cost for long distances.
Multimodal transportation
Multimodal transportation is a complex consisting of several effective logistics solutions, implying the transportation of goods with the participation of several modes of transport used at different stages of delivery. This is a complex type of cargo transportation that requires the simultaneous work of a number of specialists and the availability of considerable resources from the company. Multimodal transportation of goods with SafeCargoServices is simple, safe and as reliable as possible.
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